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  1. Gunner 2 - thumbnail
    Gunner 2 PC Rating: 3/5
    In war, you have to shoot 'em all to win!
  2. Jet Jumper - thumbnail
    Jet Jumper PC Rating: 3/5
    Jump from one platform to another to earn trophies and big scores!

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  • in-game screenshot : Midnight Mysteries:  La Conspiración de Edgar Allan Poe (pc) - ¡Captura al asesino de Poe!
  • in-game screenshot : Fashion Fits! (pc) - Faites la mode !
  • in-game screenshot : Jungle Quest (pc) - Embark on an amazing journey to find the Fountain of Youth!
  • in-game screenshot : Mystery of Cleopatra (pc) - Solve a murder in Cleopatra`s world!

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