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We love games and more importantly we love FREE games! We think you might feel the same. This site was created to bring 0 of the latest and most popular PC game demos from around the web to your fingertips.

The Game demos are shareware which means free for a limited time. The games on this site are all free to download and try for 60 minutes. That means 0 free minutes of gaming goodness. And if you want more? All game purchases can be made safely and conveniently from within the game menu. See more about this in our Privacy Section.

What are you waiting for? So Much Gaming, So Little Time.
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Points and Rewards

We are using a point system to reward our gamers for helping grow the site and community. The point system is ever evolving and will be adjusted as neccessary.

Currently points can be earned by:

Sign Up for a New Account : 50 points
By signing up for an account, 50 points are automatically awarded to your account.
Buy a Game : 100 points
When a game is purchased, 100 points will be awarded to your account. If you do not yet have an account, submit the order ID to retrieve your points.
Writing Reviews : 20 points
By writing reviews of games you have already enjoyed it will help others pick what games they may like. 20 points will be awarded for approved game reviews. Be the first to write a review for a game and get an additional 10 points for a total of 30 points
Referring Friends : 5 points
By telling your friends about PopGamers, you will be awarded 5 points per referral.

Starting in January we will be holding monthly drawings for free games.

The points that users have accumulated will be used as raffle tickets, more points = more chances to win. This decsion was made as we realized that the giving away prizes for set number of points was easily gameable.

To check your point total, sign in to your account and go to your "My Games" page.

PopGamers' Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for PopGamers.com

This privacy statement was created to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices.

Personal Information

Any personal information that you provide to our web site shall stay absolutely safe, private, and secure. We do not resell/remarket personal information to outside sources.

When placing an order, our affiliate partner Reflexive Arcade handles your personal information and keeps it absolutely safe, private and secure. Your personal information (excluding credit card data) is shared only with us and the author of the game (if applicable) for administration purposes. See also the Reflexive's privacy statement.

Information Logging

Like any other web site, our systems may log information including your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer and fine tune our web site.


Our web site may use cookies to store information about your visits. Cookies will be optional and may be "opt out" of.


We have taken the appropriate steps and followed industry standards to secure any personal data stored by our systems.

External Links

This site contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions about this privacy statement or any other issues you can contact us.

PopGamers Terms of Service

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To report abuse, please provide:

  • a description of the abusive behavior
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  • URL of page the abuse occured on, if applicable

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