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  1. Savior – Tower Defense - thumbnail
    Savior – Tower Defense online Rating: 0/5
    A tower defense with a twist, Savior is the beautify rendered story of your struggle to defend the Kingdoms of Light against the hordes of Kailgerwrath. In this defense game you must summon guardians of protection, using a unique casting system. Evoke great magic with each movement of the mouse; wield powerful “Soul Magic” to bring into being your favorite protectors. Cast, Bomb and Upgrade your way to safety!
  2. Invaders Catch! - thumbnail
    Invaders Catch! online Rating: 0/5
    Invasion alert! Zap the aliens and catch the goodies they leave behind. Six unique galaxies, a whole lot of enemy attack waves and one mean boss battle.
  3. Casual Space - thumbnail
    Casual Space online Rating: 0/5
    Collect all the star pieces in funny space adventure game with arcade elements.
  4. Elements PvP - thumbnail
    Elements PvP online Rating: 0/5
    Elements is a free fantasy online card game. Real time player versus player feature. Hundreds of creatures, spells, magic and artifacts to play with.
  5. Fragger - thumbnail
    Fragger online Rating: 0/5
    Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goodness. 3 Difficulties to beat, each unlocks a new perk. Each increasing difficulty rewards you with greater score points. Includes 11 achievements to collect. And funny looking enemies!
  6. Detective - thumbnail
    Detective online Rating: 0/5
    Finding the deffrents
  7. 智慧宝盒 - thumbnail
    智慧宝盒 online Rating: 0/5
  8. LOLO TANK - thumbnail
    LOLO TANK online Rating: 0/5
    Destroy the target being a tank. Also look after the wind while shooting.
  9. Picma - thumbnail
    Picma online Rating: 0/5
    Picture logic game, featuring 60 unique puzzles ranging from 5x5 to 50x50 cells. Notes: The game defaults to “Supervised mode”, you may change this in the Options screen. Supervised: Players are notified whenever they make a mistake, incurring in a time penalty each time they fill a cell that should be empty. Free: No information is given to the player regarding his moves. Features a “What if?” mode allowing them to try out a partial solution to the puzzle.
  10. 疯狂的老头 - thumbnail
    疯狂的老头 online Rating: 0/5
    传说每1000年,战神就会换代,而被选中的人必须经历各种考验和磨难,如果被选中者顺利登上巅峰,战神就得退位,然而,历史上不愿意退位的战神便会使出全部能力来阻止新战神上位。 如今,又过了1000年,而你被选中了作为战神的继承人,你是否会逃过战神的追杀。

Showing Results: 71 - 80 of 2012

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