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  1. Big Kahuna Reef 2 - thumbnail
    Big Kahuna Reef 2 PC Rating: 5/5
    Come back to an underwater paradise of classic match-gaming excitement!
  2. Risk II - thumbnail
    Risk II PC Rating: 5/5
    See this classic strategy game come to life with more ways to play!
  3. Big Kahuna Reef - thumbnail
    Big Kahuna Reef PC Rating: 4.5/5
    Dive for the Mask of the Tiki in this stunning match-game of adventure!
  4. Chicken Invaders 2 - thumbnail
    Chicken Invaders 2 PC Rating: 3/5
    Save the solar system from invading chickens!
  5. Monarch: The Butterfly King - thumbnail
    Monarch: The Butterfly King PC Rating: 4/5
    Journey across majestic Celtic ruins in this match-game of enchantment!
  6. Think Tanks - thumbnail
    Think Tanks PC Rating: 3/5
    Action packed 3D tank battles. Online or Solo!
  7. Platypus II - thumbnail
    Platypus II PC Rating: 3.5/5
    It's the Platypus to the rescue in this sequel to the unique arcade hit!
  8. Off Road Arena - thumbnail
    Off Road Arena PC Rating: 2/5
    This is one awesome off-road racer that's just plain fun to drive!
  9. Big Kahuna Words - thumbnail
    Big Kahuna Words PC Rating: 3.5/5
    Unearth the voyage of a lifetime in this brilliant word game adventure!
  10. Live Billiards - thumbnail
    Live Billiards PC Rating: 1.5/5
    Feel the thrill of digital 3d billiards!

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War Chess (pc) review by choco-topping on 2006-08-24
Overall Impression: "Loved it!"
It's chess, totally revamped! Turned from dull to dynamic in a flash ...
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Spin & Play (pc) review by choco-topping on 2006-08-24
Overall Impression: "Liked it"
A great sim/arcade game. The mini-games are packed full of fun, with ...
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Flip Words (pc) review by choco-topping on 2006-08-24
Overall Impression: "Loved it!"
Somewhat similar to the wheel of fortune, flip words is a mix of luck ...
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