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The game where YOU are the Chef!
phuthuymi rated Cooking Academy (mac) : 5/5 on 2008-06-04
It's really interesting. I can feel like 'real-cooking' Now I play it all the time,and ... read more »
Destroy the Four Robots of the Apocalypse!
choco-topping rated Ultratron (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Nice graphics, a fun little adventure for a relaxtion off the big games out there. Arcade ... read more »
A beautifully rendered 3D fantasy chess battle!
choco-topping rated War Chess (pc) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
It's chess, totally revamped! Turned from dull to dynamic in a flash of graphics, this ... read more »
Let the magic wheel pave the way for a perfect day at the Carnival of Madness!
choco-topping rated Spin & Play (pc) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
A great sim/arcade game. The mini-games are packed full of fun, with quirky tidbits here ... read more »
Make words and solve familiar phrases!
choco-topping rated Flip Words (pc) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Somewhat similar to the wheel of fortune, flip words is a mix of luck & logic that'll ... read more »
Master this popular game and discover the Chessmaster in you!
choco-topping rated Chessmaster Challenge (pc) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
I like this game, an easy way to improve on your chess skills and a good form of ... read more »
Epic Mah Jong with a twist... an engaging cinematic story!
choco-topping rated Mah Jong Quest (pc) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
I like the way they turn a mah jong game into a story, more plot is a great addition! The ... read more »
Gold collecting platform adventure!
choco-topping rated Gold Miner Joe (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
I love it! From nintendo to computer, great job.
Explore a prehistoric land in this blockbusting dinosaur-age puzzle!
choco-topping rated Jurassic Realm (pc) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
I like the puzzle modes in the game, very good. Clever story and nice graphics and ... read more »
Power up your intellect and put your brain to the test!
choco-topping rated The Amazing Brain Train (mac) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Very creative, i like the drawing tools that draw away from typical gaming, great for ... read more »
Discover, decode and delight with hidden treasures and locked puzzles!
choco-topping rated The Nightshift Code (mac) : 3/5 on 2006-08-24
Ok concept, just like Snake with better graphics.
Help Flo restore some of her favorite hometown restaurants!
choco-topping rated Diner Dash: Hometown Hero (mac) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Takes good use of precision skills, very addictive, like space invaders only the other ... read more »
Mooooo! Supercow is here to save the world from evil!
choco-topping rated Supercow (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Like the original pong only now with more installments like power-upd, good addictive ... read more »
So much cute, so little time!
choco-topping rated Pet Shop Hop (mac) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Shinobu packs alot into a small flash, hack n slash action in every second, great fun and ... read more »
choco-topping rated Ancient Tripeaks II (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Cool game, simple yet nice. As the levels progress, you get more addicted.
A unique mix of Tripeaks and Mahjong that blends the best of both worlds!
choco-topping rated Ancient Trijong (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Pretty fun, although the avatar moves are a bit choppy at times, but very good idea i ... read more »
Guide a tribe of castaways as they unravel the mysteries of Isola!
choco-topping rated Virtual Villagers - The Secret City (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Very good idea, although it takes awhile for the ball to settle. Otherwise a nice flash ... read more »
Make words to reveal photos in this fun word game!
choco-topping rated Jig Words (mac) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Cool! I really like the Zelda series, and now you can play iy on your computer! Simple, ... read more »
The game where YOU are the Chef!
choco-topping rated Cooking Academy (mac) : 2/5 on 2006-08-24
A bit too violent, no real point. But if you like violence then go ahead and jump in
Solve your way through a maze of destroyed museum artifacts!
choco-topping rated Escape the Museum (mac) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Lemonade stand is an interesting sim game, simple graphics but a fun concept. I think ... read more »
Meet the Chuzzles - the adorable stars of this slide and match puzzle experience!
choco-topping rated Chuzzle Deluxe (pc) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Simple, yet addictive. I liked it for its casual qualities, and a sort of tetris style ... read more »
Can you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola?
choco-topping rated Plant Tycoon (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Fun game, very strategic and makes good use of your mind. Like popular game 'Hexic' ... read more »
Luxor 2 sets the new standard for action-puzzle casual games!
choco-topping rated Luxor 2 (mac) : 5/5 on 2006-08-24
Pretty good pool sim, addictive and fun, i like it. Good graphics, nice effects.
A graphic masterpiece that takes the match-3 genre to new heights!
choco-topping rated Rainbow Web (mac) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Reversia in 3D, a game with a style of checkers or chess. Casual, good when you're in for ... read more »
Join Snowy the Bear as he sets out to run the best restaurant in town!
choco-topping rated Snowy: Lunch Rush (pc) : 4/5 on 2006-08-24
Just like Diner Dash, Diner Dash 2, Roller Rush, Mystic Inn although i think this new ... read more »

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